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Active Volcanoes in Costa Rica
Active Volcanoes in Costa Rica

The Hotel Jardines Arenal has built up quite the reputation for being situated in a very quiet and serene area, surrounded with various forms of wildlife. What really tends to attract tourists, however, is the Arenal Volcano which is situated a few kilometers away from the resort. In the heart of La Fortuna stands this volcano which is still active after many years. It used to be dormant until 1968 when it spewed lava and again in 2010 when there was another eruption. Since then, however, there had been no more signs of activity.

There are many active volcanoes in Costa Rica that attract tourists on a monthly basis. Here are a few active volcanoes that you must visit during your next holiday.

Poás Volcano

The Poás Volcano is probably one of the most popular volcanoes in Costa Rica, if not the world. It is one of the largest active volcanoes on the planet. Situated in the Central Valley, it boasts with sulfuric emissions, active fumaroles, and 2 crater lakes. The northern lake is called Laguna Caliente, which literally means “hot lagoon” is one of the most acidic lakes in the world. It lies in direct contrast to the southern lake, Lake Botos. This lake is cold, clear, and you have to trek through a beautiful cloud forest that surrounds this pool of water.

Rincón de la Vieja Volcano

Another popular volcano is the Rincón de la Vieja Volcano and she is known for her temperamental nature. This volcano is named after an old woman that formed the main character in an old Costa Rican legend. It is said that a wise old medicine woman lived in the slopes of this volcano until her death. Her presence was so strong and notable in this region that the volcano bears her name, literally translating to “the corner of the old lady”. It is situated in the Guanacaste region and trickles into the surrounding national park in the form of volcanic hot springs, waterfalls, and mud pools.

Irazu Volcano

The Irazu Volcano is situated near the capital city of San Jose. This volcano has two main craters, of which one contains a green-tinted lake. You can reach this volcano from San Jose by using a road that will take you right up to the summit craters. The summit of this volcano is usually cloud covered and stands proud as the tallest volcano in all of Costa Rica.

Turrialba Volcano

This is another volcano that is situated quite close to the city of San Jose, but it can be a bit more difficult to get there. You will have to pack your hiking shoes to get to the top as no motor vehicles are permitted there and this alone can take between 1 – 3 hours. The surrounding park is not as popular to tourists as the other volcanoes in the country, as the trail is rustic and challenging. However, the view from the top is a beautiful reward for when you have braced the park and pathway!

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