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Hot Springs in Arenal Volcano area – Benefits and Information
aguas termales
Hot Springs in Arenal Volcano area – Benefits and Information

Hot Springs in Arenal Volcano area

Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica, is a very famous area visited by thousands of people around the world each year. The main attraction is the wonderful volcano, surrounded by a wealth of flora and fauna, resulting in beautiful landscapes that travelers can admire. In addition there are numerous activities that fit the taste of all kinds of people. We could say that the hot springs are one of the main activities, perfect to rest and relax.

How the hot springs are formed?

aguas temales hot springs arenal volcanoThe hot springs in this area are completely related to volcanic activity. La Fortuna, which is the main town of the place, is rich in springs both hot water and cold water. The thermal born when the rain penetrates through cracks in the earth’s surface and is heated by magma from deep; this is when the water is enriched with lots of minerals from rock strata and subsequently brought to the surface again.

Benefits for the body.

In addition to rest and relax in the hot springs, your health will benefit because by submerging the body in hot water, this will be easier to release toxins through perspiration, thus cleansing the blood. It also aids in oxygenation, improving feed tissue, thereby assisting in metabolic and digestive processes. Also help to significantly improve skin diseases and accelerate the healing process of wounds and various injuries. The bath repeated 3 to 4 times a week helps normalize the endocrine and nervous system functioning glands.

Some cares about hot sprins.

cuidado aguas temalesSome care must have are: if the water is too hot not stay more than advisable time instructors, not make too many dives in the water, waiting for the time then because of eating food and follow the restrictions your doctor if any treatment. It is also important to follow the guidelines set out in the place you have decided to visit.

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