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Costa Rica is a safe country
Costa Rica
Costa Rica is a safe country

A very important issue to consider when we are traveling is the security of the country you want to visit. We already know how everything works in our country, but entering a new place creates uncertainty and distrust. Therefore it is very important to be informed and have an anteroom of culture, society, economy, etc. of the place to travel. In this opportunity I want to expose Costa Rica as a safe country, an ideal tourist destination to be visited by people from all over the world.

Are there places that it is better not to visit? As in all countries of the world there are places where the tourist attracts attention and not in a good way. In Costa Rica tourist areas like La Fortuna, Monteverde, Manuel Antonio, beaches, etc. are very safe places, where the tourist can walk quietly. This without leaving aside that one does not have to be overconfident, one always has to be cautious and cautious. It could be said that San José is one of the places where you have to be more careful, since it is a large city with large numbers of inhabitants. It has beautiful and tourist places that you can visit perfectly, the important thing is not to go in solitary or unknown places.

Regarding the handling of money, in Costa Rica you can pay with your card almost in any establishment. Cards of all types are accepted, and there are a variety of banks in every area with ATM facilities. In transport is also safe, if you use public transport, try to have cash money as adjustable as possible to buy tickets to avoid conflicts with drivers for lack of change or badly return the change. If you use taxi service, try to get “la maria” (the meter) to charge you the real price. If you travel by own car the roads are quite safe. The “ticos” usually are very friendly with the tourist and very hospitable. If you need directions do not hesitate to ask that you will surely receive help.

So you know Costa Rica is a safe country, a great destination for your next vacation.