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Paradise Hot Springs and Hotel Promotion
Offers and Promotions of the Hotel Jardines Arenal


Paradise Hot Springs

Rate: $ 55 USD per night / per person.


  • Lodging with breakfast.
  • Paradise Hot Springs with Buffet Dinner.
  • IVA included.

Paradise Hot Springs

Paradise Hot Springs is located only five minutes by car from the center of La Fortuna and very close to the hotels and hostels of the Arenal Volcano area. It’s an experience that you can’t miss during your vacations; a tranquil environment allows the whole family to relax and enjoy.

Submerge in the hot pools surrounded by beautiful tropical gardens. Enjoy the Palma Real, Los Papiros, and Pangea hot pools or if you like comfort and hydro-massages the Ginger and Oasis Jacuzzis.

Hot Springs and Hotel Promotion


Its beach style entrance provides easy access. Palma Real is the biggest pool of the complex; it has an amazing view of the volcano and garden which allows you to get the maximum feeling of peace and relaxation. This pool is one of the favorites.

Let the thermal water shelter you while you rest on the submerged beds of this pool. You can also find lounge areas with shadow as well as areas exposed to the sun if you prefer spending some time outside the pool.

Temperature: 36°C-37.5°C (96.8 -99.5 °f)
Maximum Depth: 1,6m (5.24ft)

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