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Costa Rica an ecological country

Costa Rica an ecological country located in Central America, which represents 0.03% of the surface of our planet. But despite its small size it is world renowned for its great natural wealth, covering 4% of global biodiversity. It is visited by thousands of people every year; tourism it’s the main source of work. Also Costa Rica is characterized by its microclimates, it has different sceneries of beautiful beaches, volcanos and mountains. Costa Rica is greatly concerned by caring its natural treasure and this is highlighted globally with titles like “greener the country,” according FNE (New Economics Foundation) in 2009; “The most ecologic country of Central America” according EPI (Environmental Performance Environment) in 2012, among others. An example to generate electricity. Costa Rica was recognized internationally in the Sustainable Magazine as part of the 5 countries that do not use fuel to generate electricity, among which are also Denmark, Scotland, Sweden and Finland. The main source of energy in Costa Rica is followed by hydro electrical, geothermal and wind. It currently has the largest in Central America Costa Rica positioning by international consultants as a leader in managing the environmental impacts of hydroelectric projects hydroelectric project. In addition, the country has […]

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