La Fortuna
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La Fortuna Waterfall

La Fortuna Waterfall Only at nine kilometers from Jardines Arenal Hotel is located one of the most visited places in the Arenal Volcano area, and it is the great “La Fortuna Waterfall”, very close to the Cerro Chato and the Arenal Volcano National Park. Famous for its enormous size of seventy meters of height is a unique attraction that cannot loss in your trip. From Jardines Arenal Hotel, you can get out in your vehicle or taxi to this great experience. The place has a large free parking where you can leave your vehicle without any concern. Beginning the tour you can contemplate the beautiful nature while traveling in a descent of five hundred steps, through a wide path with comfortable areas to rest. Shortly before you hit, you will hear and discover the great waterfall; and once there you would be impressed by such a magnificent natural spectacle. An impressive drop of crystal clear water forming a pool where visitors can swim, refresh and enjoy the peace of this wonderful natural resource. The place also has a viewpoint that has accessibility for people with a physical problem, where they can admire the Waterfall from a distance of two hundred […]

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