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Traces of Wellbeing in a Thermal October
La Fortuna Arenal
Traces of Wellbeing in a Thermal October

Within the framework of the Thermal October activities developed with the aim of positioning La Fortuna de San Carlos as one of the wellness destinations par excellence, this weekend, on October 13 and 14, the Gastronomic and Cultural Festival will take place. “Footprints” in the Fairground of La Fortuna “Arenal Volcano”.

The wide menu of cultural activities and healthy entertainment designed for the enjoyment of families and the general public. The offer of activities on Saturday and Sunday includes the artistic presentations of the groups Café Surá, Maché, La Marimba del Pueblo. In addition, there will be music, dance and black theater workshops.

In addition to the above, attendees can enjoy traditional games and test their balance and balance in the “mechanical bull”, the remembered and always striking “palo encebado”, together with the bingos peceteados, parades and even competitions, flourishes and Ribbon racing

Those people who love dancing can move their hips to the rhythm of the Calypso Group of the UNED or review the sounds of salsa, bolero and creole swing with the interactive presentation of the popular dance groups “Trodance” and “Ara Ambigua”.

According to Tadeo Morales, Vice President of Arenal Chamber of Tourism and Commerce this activity is part of the efforts made in the framework of the Thermal October project that wants to position La Fortuna de San Carlos as a wellness destination, mixing the wide tourist offer of thermal waters and adventure activities with activities of healthy entertainment that contribute to the recreation of the public that visits the area. “All activities will be free, however, from the sale of traditional foods and other efforts funds will be raised for the construction of the first Bus of the Imagination, an educational library for all children and families in the North Zone,” Morales said. .

Thermal October full of wellbeing

Precisely in the month of October, a series of special activities have been developed to contribute to the positioning of La Fortuna de San Carlos as a welfare destination of wide projection for national and international tourists. Also throughout the month special discounts and tour packages will be offered so that the Ticos live the unique experience of hydrotherapy and other relaxation and adventure activities in the area.

In this particular case the Gastronomic and Cultural Festival “Huellas” is part of the actions of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) to show the scope of wellness tourism from multiple approaches. For Melissa Tencio, coordinator of the Wellness Pura Vida strategy of the ICT “the Arenal area and the community of La Fortuna, it has a natural wealth and the largest source of thermal waters scientifically studied in Costa Rica, as well as a wide range of adventure activities, rural tourism and wellness activities such as forest baths, relaxation and spa services “he explained.

Tencio also said that healthy gastronomy, the rescue of traditions and healthy recreation are also part of the integral construction of well-being, precisely what those who participate in this festival will find.

Together with the above and as a relevant fact, a few weeks ago, La Fortuna de San Carlos was awarded as the Best Worldwide Destination for Travel Experiences, awarded by the renowned TripAdvisor travel and tourism page.

The International Gastronomic Fair (October 17 and 18), the Craft Fair and the Bio Market (October 19-21, 27 and 28) and the Ninth Edition of the National Band Competition (October 28 and 18) will be held to close the Thermal October activities. October).

For more details, interested parties can get more details about the Gastronomic and Cultural Festival “Huellas” and the tourist offer of La Fortuna de San Carlos can enter the website www.octubretermal.com or email festivalhuellas@gmail.com. Also to the Facebook profile of Arenal Chamber of Tourism. According to the organizers, the companies in the area have set themselves the task of placing the best offers to encourage the visitation of nationals and residents.

Source: http://www.checkcostarica.com

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